Kudos Virtual Assistance



Hi! I’m Stephanie

I am the founder of Kudos Virtual Assistance, here’s a little more about my journey here…

I achieved my Bachelor of Science in 2017, after this I continued with the administration work I had already been doing but moved into the science industry.

My transition into virtual assistance started after reflecting on what is important to me and what I am passionate about. I identified that working on things I enjoy and having time for my passions is something I cannot do without.

I realised the skills I had could be put to better use helping people who are also passionate about their goals and their business and want to create and achieve something great.

Founding this business allows me to focus on my passions while assisting people to focus on theirs, and that truly is rewarding and why I love what I do.

So, If you are someone who is passionate about what they love and dedicated to their goals, please have a look through my services page and feel free to book in a 15 minute discovery call to gauge even more ways I can help you and determine whether we are a perfect fit!

I’m excited for you as you take the next step in your journey and hope I can assist you on the way!