Kudos Virtual Assistance


Welcome to Kudos Virtual Assistance!

We are here to be your assistant helping you and your business with your administration needs so you can get more out of your day and focus on the tasks that are truly important to you!






I have seen first hand the many day-to-day and behind-the-scenes tasks that come along with running your own business. Once you have tackled these tasks you are left wondering.. when do you fit in the time you need to truly invest your focus into your business in order to move forward. Allow us to give you that time back, when you out-source these vital tasks to someone who enjoys taking the time to complete them and wants to see you focus your efforts towards building a business you are passionate about.

Outsourcing certain tasks to a VA will be beneficial to you and your business because:

  • We already have plenty of experience in these tasks that you may have to learn from scratch

  • Allow you to feel confident you can take the time you need for more productive time for yourself or your team as we are taking care of the day-to-day running of the business

  • We can provide advice on systems and processes you may have not considered before

  • You are hiring a contractor based on your needs, not a permanent employee, therefore is an option that can be adaptable depending on the journey and direction of your business.



“KUDOS” comes from the Ancient Greek word κῦδος meaning glory or praise.

In English we hear it generally as a phrase of praise towards someones work

As your personal Virtual Assistant, my purpose is to bring my skills, experience and education together to provide you with exceptional assistance, resulting in you having more time to focus on your business and passions of your own

Our goal while we are working together is that you will continuously be thinking “Kudos” toward the work we complete


Let us do what we’re good at and focus on your administration needs so you can focus on what you are good at!

We help businesses with the tasks to get your business going by managing tasks such as:

  • Email Marketing & Management

  • Customer Service & Community Engagement

  • Social Media Startup

  • Copywriting, Editing & Formatting

  • Creating Landing & Checkout Pages

  • Setting up Webinars & Workshops

  • Organising your Schedule & Appointments